HaZeL-eYeS's Private Page


I am: Woman

Seeking a: Man


Body Type: Fit


Status: Single


In My Own Words:

With men I can’t help it, but many are quite intimidated by me. A woman with big talk, pretty high iq and I don’t look half-bad to be honest. And when I try to make it clear that I am interested, they want to immediately change the subject. I’m really don’t want be prostituting myself, but I have the feeling that my body really should put intimidates men and give me attention but never the follow up… Perhaps they can’t believe that I honestly am looking for a brief sexual relationship and nothing more..

I am not being especially secretive here, but I like to keep things a bit of a surprise for those who are lucky enough to go on a date with me. 

And so I am looking for a man who is curious enough to dare to step up without knowing what he has to offer.

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