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aaaaaaiiii Im so fucking horny right now it must be the weahter!!
anywayz  I’m Charon, a super horny slut thats puts the nymph in nympho!!
Would you like to likc and eat my nicely shaven pussy untill i squirt all my cumjuice over your face?? You can repay the favor cause I love getting a huge load of cum all over my face, I love begin humiliated during sex and abused like a real slut.. It just makes me cum so hard that i usually start squirting if done right!
But i need the right man for that with the right skillset and the right tools if you get what i mean!! And believe me they are scarce and hot to come across!
I also love givng a blowjob and specialize in deepthroat.. No matter how big you are you better believe its all going in!
Love trying out new positions and when you get me really really hot and my pussy is burning after a really hard pounding i want you to continue your pounding on my sexy ass.. I love anal sex when I am really horny so be ready for it baby!!
want to know more? Please let me know. I can receive at home or we can meet at a hotel. Love wearing sexy lingerie sexy suits and high heels btw!
Kiss Charon,

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