EmmY's Private Page


I am: woman

Seeking a: man

Age: 32

Body Type: normal

Ethnicity: caucasian

Status: single

Occupation: Callagent

In My Own Words:

Yes I walk with a limb and unfortunately it scares many men off.

They think I’m totally awesome until they see me walk and then i can just see the disappointing look in their faces..If you’re not that kind of guy then please read on. But if you would react in the same way like those men then plz continue your search elsewhere as i am totally and utterly tired of these men.

When I was 8 years old I fell from a jungle-jim sorta contraption since then i havent been able to run well and sadly that will never totally heal

I do not need orthotics or special shoes or anything but yes when I walk you can see it.

Because I’ve received blow after blow I thought i would try this and see if there are men who will not look at me like I have some serious illness.

I am also just normal, and totally and 100% sanee and i try to stay positive despite the amount of assholes running around..

My age is 32 years old, I have a job and have my own place and I come from a very large and very friendly family.

Are not you afraid of me?

Then mail me once, I would love to hear something from you.


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