ladysierra's Private Page
I'm a: woman
Searching For a: man
Age: 46
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Status: Widow
Occupation: Data entry

What Are You Looking For?
Hey hello
I am a lady of 46 years old and have always been a outdoors sex lover and that certainly hasn’t diminished over time. Despite me age, I am still very nimble and am certainly not a prude and can out-endure most of you fit young guys!
My problem is that I havent had sex in a while now, due to the lack of suited candidates.. Hence my profile here; I would rather quickly change this.
┬áMessage me and I’ll tell you more about what I like and what I would like to do.
And who knows, we might be out enjoying nature very soon!
Greetings Sierra

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