Gail L.A.'s Private Page
I'm a: Woman
Searching For a: Man
Age: 41
Body Type: Busty
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Status: Single
Occupation: Elementary school teacher

What Are You Looking For?

Hello guys I'm Gail and I'm not embarrassed to tell that I'm 41 years… Born and raised in L.A. for my entire life. Looking for a attractive man of my age. I still look quite nice and Id have no trouble finding a guy.. But reality shows its not that easy. Mainly they can't keep up with me in bed or after a while they turn out to be something completely different then what they like you to believe. So I thought online dating is maybe a better way of getting to know someone before actually meeting him. So I am a virgin in cyberspace.. Who likes to take my hand here?
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