delaneyk's Private Page
I'm a: Woman
Searching For a: Man
Age: 30
Body Type: Busty
Ethnicity: Asian
Status: Single
Occupation: Computer Helpdesk

What Are You Looking For?

It would really and truly be fan-tas-tic to find a nice, sweet, sexy and very naughty man for a couple of thrilling sex dfates.
Don't quite know why I'm on here as I'm able to find a man pretty much any club or bar that I walk in..
Think it's a bit of the excitement and adventure of online dating.. Some girlfriends of mine have done it as well and they really enjoyed some fun times.. Don't know if all these horror stories you here are true but I guess so as there are freaks and crazies almost everywhere unfortunately..

Uhm about me? Well im Asian but with really big boobs 🙂 strange combo I guess lol
Love being naughty and love sexy guys and that's basically all you need to know right? 🙂

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