Busyness's Private Page
I'm a: Woman
Searching For a: Man
Age: 36
Body Type: Volupteus
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Status: Single
Occupation: Media Management

What Are You Looking For?
I’m Mayra, 40 yo and a businesswoman and I’m searching for a horny businessman between 30 and 50 yr
I recently became single again and  seek nothing permanent like a relationship
Just looking for a sex partner to get together maybe once a month for a hot steamy sweaty weekend away at your expensive ofcourse.
why do I prefer a businessman U ask? Because i hope that that will cause a quick click without any awkward moments.
Im looking for a man with a lot of fantasy and no limits in bed, somebody how knows how to make a woman come, someone to indulge in all kinds of nasty sex in bed.
I utterly enjoy anal sex so it is imperative that you like this lol.
So seeking a big dick, nice body and a nice ass lol.
do you think that you are that perfect businessman for me?
I that case I certainly expect a messagel from you!
kisses mayra

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