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I'm a: Woman
Searching For a: Man
Age: 28
Body Type: Curvy
Ethnicity: Mixed

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How nice of you to visit my profile!
I am a spontaneous girl of 28 years. Long blond hair, blue eyes and beautiful curves if i might say so myself 🙂 hihihi. I love making people enjoy life in any possible way,. During a date I take the time, listen to your needs and do everything to make you feel good when you go the door.
Just a little background about myself: The past few years were extremely hectic and im finally getting to the end of thing, i got a lot ofthings done, including HBO study, working for years in a museum and simultaneously as a receptionist in a hotel..
So yeah busy.. And now its time to relax and enjoy life again.. Do you 1-2 join me?

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