maneater's Private Page
I'm a: woman
Searching For a: man
Age: 32
Body Type: Volupteus with all the right curves
Occupation: maneater

What Are You Looking For?
Hello guys, are you married? Do you live together? Do you already have a relationship? Are you an old man? And are you not getting what you want at home when it comes to sex? Then I am the right woman with whom you can arrange this!
For me is just a crazy hobby/fetish. I do almost everything, except no poo and pee (Water Sport).
 I meet regularly with men who are married, living together or have a girlfriend but when they get home they don’t really get what they want with sex… Well my name is Karen, I’m 32 and I work at a cafeteria next to my study.
I you are interested then send me a message and we can talk about the details.

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